'What If?'s

The men/women in the mainstream parties seem to claim to know how best to run the lives of 60 million people (and affect billions around the world).

How can ANYONE claim to know how to make decisions in the best interests of so many people?!

So, instead of having a manifesto and making promises we cannot keep, everything we do here is in the form of experimentation using 'What if' questioning.

How it Works

We will suggest various possible 'what if' experiments in many areas of life. Each group who is fielding a candidate will be free to choose from this smorgasbord of experiments to create their specific set of experiments. There will be openness to whatever results occur, and where it is not obvious, there will be reasoning provided.


Proposed  Experiments

The following experiments are part of an evolving menu of ideas that independent affiliated groups can choose from to play with as we move ourselves into an era of a new game.

Question Everything

Here are some questions to meditate on with some buinaural beats music to help you reach a meditative state.

Does change start with me? 

What's Really going on?

What is real?

Is the control system we are all trapped in, real?

Are the pillars of that system real?

Is the political system real?

Is the economic system real?

Is the legal system real?

What are the underlying hidden messages that the mainstream media is reinforcing?

What type of thoughts, feelings and actions are the men/women who run the media encouraging?

Who is actually making the decisions about how our lives are managed?

Do we need anyone to tell us how to manage our lives?

If so, who is in the best position to do that?

Are the rules that our dominators make up, and force us to submit to, designed to keep the system going on so they can continue to dominate?

Ultimately we want people to see through the illusion of fear, to recognize the reality of love, and be reminded that we are all connected and part of the same greater consciousness. We would like our party, along with the ‘POWER’ parties and the Electoral Commission, to become obsolete.