For Rapid Evolution (Revolution) to happen, we need visions of something better. Where are the visions of the current parties on offer?

We are creating a space where we can share our visions for more loving connected ways of living together.


Here are some of our visions…

Imagine - we have created a world where men and women no longer just survive, but instead use their energy to evolve spiritually, emotionally and psychologically, helping each other to do the same. A world no longer dominated by fear, and by a few addicts relying on the vast majority to act as their servants.

Imagine - we have phased out the idea of rulers, replacing it with self rule. Leadership would be by example and based on principles of compassion, integrity, honesty, humour, self descipline, open mindedness, humility and respect for all of life.

Imagine people are living together peacefully in small communities, connected to nature, growing their own food and moving towards taking full responsibility for their lives supporting each other. The elders of the community are supporting the younger ones to raise the children, and all decisions are made together.

Imagine difference is celebrated and people are encouraged to become masters of their own skills. No interest or skill is considered higher or lower than another. 

What can you imagine?

What Is Your Vision?