The Rabbit Hole

Warning: These links below will take you down the rabbi hole. Once down there, you may find it very hard to hold onto to your current belief system, whatever it may be. If you don't fancy that, don't bother with the links. If you do, don't come running back to us complaining that your world is falling apart!

No System

This website is probably the most radical website I have ever encountered. The husband and wife team who run it, deconstruct everything including language. They advocate NO SYSTEM at all. Hold on tight if you choose to go down this part of the rabbit hole! - Danny

Virtual Reality

Tom Campbell seems to me to be a real teacher. He sees the world as a virtual reality and explains how that works from a scientific and metaphysical point of view. He is not the most exciting presenter but once you get beyond that, his ideas are astonishing. - Danny

Social Experimentalist 

This is Danny's YouTube account. It's the most amazing thing ever and I'm amazing. - Danny

The Most Dangerous Superstition

This is a fascinating book which simplifies the arguments against so called 'government' by explaining how Governments fool us into believing that they and their laws and systems are legitimate. It is available for free on the web. - Danny

Political Creativity 

One of the things we are attempting to encourage here is creativity in the world of politics. Currently it seems there is little imagination in politics. This is simply a link to different forms of political creativity - Danny

Anastasia - The Ringing Cedars

The ringing cedars are an astonishing set of 9 books in which the author allegedly meets up with a woman who lives completely outside of the system in the Siberian Taiga forest. Its difficult to know whether it is true or not but it's messages are most unusual and there are more and more people in Russia living their lives along the lines described in these books, which call for a return to more natural living. - Danny

Positive News

It is so easy to get bogged down in all the fear porn both on the web and in print. This link is to the positive news network and there is LOTS of great stuff going on. Read all about it. - Danny

David Glass Blog

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