Questioning everything can lead to growth in understanding ourselves and others. So here’s a list of questions to help you explore your inner world as well as the external world.

You’re invited to meditate on these questions.

What is really going on?

How many blessings do I enjoy?

Does anyone really know or are they all just winging it?

What is sanity and insanity?

Do I ever question my own sanity?

What is my relationship like with the concept of control?

What are my thoughts about there being some kind of higher power/essential greater force/energy/call it what you like?

Where in my life do I feel powerful/powerless?

How much time do I spend pondering on the magnificence of life in all its forms?

How aware am I of my feelings? How good am I at feeling them? What do I do/use to distract myself from sadness, despair, anger, frustration?

What is slavery and has it really been abolished?

What is politics and is it important?

Is Politics just an elaborate Hollywood Style show?

Do I question the sincerity of the powers that be and whose interests they have at heart?

If you’re not having fun, are you doing it right?

If it’s all a simulation, am I taking myself too seriously? Am I taking myself seriously enough?

What are thoughts? Where do mine come from? Are they even mine? Who is the ‘me’ having the thoughts? Is it separate from the thoughts?

Am I my thoughts? Am I my feelings? If not, Who am I?

Am I happy to be alive right now?

What would love do in my current life situations?

What do I really want?

Do I eat dead animal flesh? If yes, do I really need to? What problems do animal eaters cause to their own health, to the environment, to other humans and of course to sentient beings (56 BILLION of whom are slaughtered every year for ‘food’)

What is the most worthwhile thing I did last year?

Isn’t life meant to be one big party, with some ups and downs?

Is it even possible for a small amount of people to govern a diverse country of say 64 million people(UK)?

Let’s call the system Uncle Caesar. Would uncle be a psychopath? (Check the hare psychopathy test for characteristics.)

Is Uncle Caesar subverting our own personal freedom and those of others around the world?

What are the similarities and differences between armed robbery and tax?

What are the similarities and differences between the so called ‘law’ and sorcery?

How do I feel that a third of the world’s men, women and children live in poverty?

How do other things (injustices) make me feel?

Does anything MAKE me feel a particular way or is it my thoughts that make me feel?

How able am I to practice being present in each moment and accepting what is?