FLASH – June 8th UK General delusion

I am the only truly INDEPENDENT candidate at this election. Independent OF THE SYSTEM. See below for political experiments (policies)

If you want to vote for me, just put SEX (Short for Social Experimentalist) on your ballot and draw a little box and put a cross in it.

(You could also allow people to vote online if you can easily add that as a feature but its not crucial)

What is politics?

There could be a button or the word could be highlighted if people want to click on and that would take them to the following….

The answer to this question, like many others, can be an on going exploration. Here we are using it in the sense of power. Our own personal power in our lives and power that is often wielded over others but could be more about power WITH others.

UK GENERAL ELECTION (alternating with word ‘illusion) JUNE 8th


And so another show begins. A show that is designed to delude the masses into thinking that their opinion matters and by putting a cross on a piece of paper, significant things are going to change!

But more importantly, it is there as yet another DISTRACTION so that they keep our attention from the huge injustices and insanity that Uncle Caesar (button) is inflicting upon all forms of life.

(uncle caeser button – We use Uncle Caesar as a metaphor for the system – the financial, political and economic systems that are perpetuated and perpetrated against most of us.) Perhaps we could have a lexicon tab which take us to some definitions page?

Are there any other candidates who aim to protect the people FROM the pirates (government)?

Here are some suggestions that you won’t be hearing from the blue, red and yellow pirates.

Ban all political parties and constituencies.

Only allow independent candidates.

Replace ‘lobby groups’ (corruptors) with fellowships

of the finest minds and most developed souls from around the world.

End factory farming

(with immediate effect – no more animals to be bred) in the UK and eventually ban any factory farmed meat in the country.

Abolish usury

(interest on money borrowed)