Howard Jones has been creating pop music with meaningful words for 30 years. His album 'Revolution of the heart' has some great songs about revolution - and its the heart that needs to experience revolution otherwise don't we just become like our slave masters? - Danny
Always make me feel that revolution is possible and just around the corner. This sentence say it all: "Why did it seem so difficult to realize a simple truth? The revolution begins and ends with you" - Lima
One sentence that holds a basic truth - "Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me". A feeling of injustice that you felt since you were a child, and if you didn't lose it you still feel it now - you want to be free, you are free. - Lima
Are you proud of something you have done today? "You can sell dust, you can steal the sunlight, I don't mind just as long as you're sleeping at night." Are you? - Tess
I think Bach is the greatest artist that has ever lived. I think his music is the most natural thing the human brain has ever created. - Row
Suggested by Lewis Beechey
The one song that resonates with almost all human beings - We all agree with the vision, so how do we get there? - Lima
Papadosio are part of an emerging scene in the American Jam Band/Transformational Festival circuits that write about more conscious/spiritual themes and have a great sound. - Row
Jimi Hendrix rarely spoke about his political feelings. But his music went further. His music makes me feel more conscious. - Row
This song is a simple and straightforward wake up call, with this sentence that say it all - "Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, Non but ourselves can free our minds". - Lima