We meditate at the beginning of every meeting and when we get stuck or confused or over emotional about something and need clarity.

Meditation need have no religious or spiritual associations. It can simply be a way of being more conscious and self aware.

There are many diverse methods of meditating. What follows is a simple suggestion you can incorporate into your morning routine.


Sit comfortably in a place you won't be disturbed.


Set a timer for 15 minutes.


Shut your eyes and focus on something like your breathing, an ambient mundane background noise like a fan, a particular tone (you can sound it or imagine it but keep it the same) or a point in your vision.


Breathe deeply and slowly. 


As you focus your attention on this thing, your mind will interrupt. When you notice you've drifted off- guide your attention back to your point of focus.


Be easy with this. It is a feat of a master to go for more than a few moments without any thought. However if you manage a few moments here and there throughout your 15 minutes you will feel the benefit of it.  

Here are some links to some other methods of meditation. If we have missed some that are important to you please let us know in the comments section.