Get Involved

There are many ways you can get involved.

At the moment, we are a very small group of people and as we are still stuck in the matrix to a great extent, we may not have the time or resources to deal with your kind offers, so please bear with us!

Current Shenanigans

We will often be taking to the streets to encourage people to question things. Sometimes this takes the form of Danny, our self-appointment Supreme Ruler, saying silly things to people through a megaphone. Sometimes it involves people making phone calls. Sometimes it involves asking people challenging questions. Often this happens in or around big corporate places and often they aren't best pleased about it all. But it does seem to wake people up a bit so we'll keep doing it.

Join Our Group

We meet weekly to discuss the development of this project.

Please follow the link to our Co-Creator's page to complete to form and mention you would like to attend the weekly meetings.


Everyone's Street Parties

Sometimes we put some effort into organising days to do stuff. Here is the information for them.

Upcoming (click for more info)

Past Events (click for more info)


Tuesday 28th April 3pm Brighton by the station
Thursday 30th April 7.30pm Corner of Bethnal Green Road and Brick Lane
Friday 1st May 3pm Kilburn Labour Office
Monday 4th May 1pm Westminster Winston Churchill
Tuesday 5th 1pm Westminster Winston Churchill

Thursday 7th GENERAL ILLUSION PARTY! - Details TBC

All 2015

Email Notification

If you would like to come along and get more involved than just watching, please fill in the members form and mention that and we shall call upon you when the time is right. Kind of like the Godfather. But we don't grant any wish on the day of our daughter's wedding.

Create Your Own Group

It doesn't take much to start a group.

Just check out the agreements and suggestions and let us know.

Share Your Skills

Volunteer your skills

Then there are other skills that could be useful. Web design, administration, film directing, filming, film editing, social media, looking sexy. 

Please fill in the Co-Creators form and let us know how you want to be involved.

Before you decide whether to offer your skills and time, (both 'you' and 'time' being illusions) we invite you to meditate on the question 'What would love do?'

Contribute Financial Energy

Everything we are doing is part of the experiment, especially the money thing. Given our conditioning, is it even possible to have a sane attitude towards money? 
What is money? 
What would Love do?
If it would donate, click here.

Before you decide whether or not to contribute your pretendy money (both 'you' and 'money' being illusions) and how much, we invite you to meditate on the question 'What would love do?'

If you do choose to contribute, please indicate where you want the money to go

Registration fees £125 so far

Web fees £75


Support for members (so they can dedicate themselves to the experiment and work less)

Massages for members

Anything else



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