Basic Income To Everyone

What would happen if basic income was given to everyone to cover food, shelter and clothing?

What if the income was unconditional – to rich and poor, to people who work and people who don’t work etc’?

What if people were free to choose what they want to do, to discover what they are passionate about without having to worry about the basics?

What if people were free to work and earn more money if they want?


Are there enough resources on the planet for EVERYONE? With all the technological advancement, do people really need to work to survive?

Unlike what most people think, experiments shown (as you can see in the video What If Everybody Got Free Cash?) that when people are given the basic they actually much more motivated to do their own work and not likely to sit at home and stare at the wall. People will be happier and more creative. If you ask yourself where will the money come from to pay the basics – please see the video under Be the Change– Contribute Pretend Money (What is Money?)

Abolish Slavery/Invented Jobs

What if the whole idea of jobs was examined?

What if all jobs that were invented just to keep people working, were  exposed as just that?

What if we no longer have 'jobs', but instead do our OWN WORK?

What if that means that the work will be satisfying, benefits people and/or creates something?

What if, given the technological advancement, people will no longer need to 'work' an average 40 hours a week, but instead volunteer for 2-3 days a week?  (They can always work more if they choose to.)


It seems that our dominators are interested in keeping us all as slaves, so we won’t have the time to think or reflect about what is really going on. At the same time they create an illusionary thought in us that we are free to choose what we want. People are working so they can live, the work lost all meaning.

The Culling of Corporations

Only those Corporations that are clearly helping people will remain. The rest will be closed down. This will mean a lot of unnecessary work will be eliminated leaving more time for people to develop their talents.

See the film 'The Corporation' in the movies section in creative tab

Please share which corporations we should cull...

Women and men will be provided with the basic income to cover food, shelter and clothing. They will no longer have 'jobs', instead they will do their own work, sharing their skills and talents. They will be asked to volunteer for 2 days a week to work.