Remove Government

What would happen if all government involvement with education was removed as swiftly as possible?


Does ANY group of people know how 10 million families should 'educate' their children? Can you see the inherent problem of allowing a small elite group of businessmen/women to decide how everyone should be educated? 

Review Purpose of Education

What would happen if there was a fundamental review of the  purpose of education to help faciliate the full taking of responsibility of each of us?


Currently, it seems like the purpose of education is to turn children into obedient slaves, just about intelligent enough to do something at work but not clever enough to question what they are doing.​ What if we explored what education is and what we would like it to be?

Create a Database of Alternatives

What if a database of alternative schools and subject matters was created?

What if this database was used by groups of parents to create education that suits them?


To enable parents to create a meaningful and tailor made experience for every young person according to their needs, culture, talents etc. There are a handful of schools around the world that have experiemnted with novel ways of educating people. These include schools without teachers (Shentenkin School, Russia); Democratic Schools; Home Schooling; Unschooling.

What if local groups could choose to teach anything they see fit, and omit anything they choose to omit?

Would there be a growing alternative to current 'schools'?

What if, as part of the alternative, there was no longer an emphasis on training young people so they could get 'jobs', but instead emphasis on spiritual, physical, emotional and psychological development, and not just intellectual?

What if they could choose from a whole range of activities including:

  • Meditation
  • Growing their own food
  • Critical thinking, yoga
  • Communicate non-violently
  • Listen deeply to others
  • Discover and develop their unique talents
  • Martial arts.

What would you offer at a local learning club?