What does the word economy even mean? 

One meaning is efficiency. Is our economy efficient or is it the polar opposite? Is there planned obscelecance and are there millions of jobs offering useless or even destructive services and products?

Abolish Usury?

What if we were to expose usury (interest on money borrowed) as a highly unethical practise?

The main religions already have their holy books (Bible/Koran) to tell them this obvious idea.

TEAL?(Total Economic Activity Levy)

What if we introduced a small voluntary contribution of 1% on all electronic transactions?

(There are claims that a similar system can raise more revenue than our current system?)

Guaranteed Income?

What if EVERYONE is provided with a basic income or at least the bare necessities? See 'employment'


The Truth about money?

What if all men and women have been told the truth about where money is from, what it really is, and who and how is it created and by whom?


What is Ownership?

What if everyone is talking about ownership and in particular land ownership and who has what and why?

What if  the discourse starts to examine whether we can move to a paradigm of stewardship rather than ownership, learning from cultures like the American Indians?