I have been involved in hundreds of social experiments over the past 8 years. I have enjoyed them immensely although some have been challenging especially the ones that ended up with my going to court!

Many of them question some of the behaviours and assumptions that often go unquestioned, in particular, the questioning of authority.

Before anyone accuses me of being a hypocrite, I plead guilty. I cannot see how anyone can live in this society without being complicit in all sorts of atrocities. Surely every time we get into a vehicle, we are comp[licit in the destruction of the earth, pollution of the air and often the theft of the oil from some ‘country’ that some small group of people claim to own.

But I don’t think one has to be a saint to be able to talk about issues and challenges in our society. And at the same time, the change has to start within myself and I continue to challenge myself in various ways, including mixing with groups of people who are on a similar path of personal evolution.

So enjoy the ride, as Bill Hicks says. And I am always open to suggestions for improvements.